Piano Lessons for Adults

We love teaching adults!
Have you ever wanted to take piano lessons, but worried that most piano teachers wouldn't want to teach an adult beginner? Or maybe you took lessons many years ago but would like to have someone provide you with motivation and expertise so that you could really begin enjoying to play again. Whatever your situation, we love teaching adult students! Adults bring to their lessons many years of life experience with music that makes working with them very enjoyable.

Adult students need customized instruction packages. 
Every adult piano student wants to take piano for their own unique reasons. They aren't studying music because someone else is requiring them to, but simply because they want to. Not only that,  the pressures of life and the demands of work can make the free time of adults very limited. We understand these things and would love to talk to you about what you would like to accomplish by taking piano. We will work together to set customized learning goals and to create a lesson schedule that fits your needs. 
John or Jennifer Finney  
Windsor, CT  
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