Philosophy & Practice

Why study music?
Because it’s enjoyable! And because making music helps us develop our whole person --our emotional, mental, physical and social capacities.  Everyone has music in them; studying music helps to bring it out.  When natural ability is developed in partnership with skilled instruction, it results in a much greater capacity to make music and to enjoy it. 

As music teachers we have the privilege of sharing our understanding of music with students and seeing them grow in their capacity to make music and enjoy it.

What's our teaching look like?
Our private lessons develop the student through focus on repertoire, technique, sight reading and theory.  Among our favorite resources are the Piano Safari method and the Celebration Series. We teach classical piano repertoire for its timeless beauty and for its usefulness in developing an excellent technique. We also use a wide variety of resources, supplementing with jazz, pop, and Christian music, seeking what is pedagogically effective and enjoyable for each student.

We also work with interested students to prepare for testing with the Music Development Program.
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